Closure-19: A Collection of Poems about the Pandemic

This collection of poems was written as a final project for my Rage, Romance, and Resilience During the AIDS Crisis class. They are inspired by both my own experiences and personal interviews from classmates.
Closure-19i tap through timefeet brushing the watercreating ripples in the blue-like waves,Soles barely touching 
Lifted with fogsurround me and fillfull chest fill uppour through my templespress against gray matter
slowly slowlyslowly slower stillbreathe and keep breathing in the green hazeteal-blue malaise of days to come
the pond the lily padStill drifting acrossbranches hanging with mosssettling reaching to the groundin dark emerald sheets 
eyes filled with calm-y thoughts
sit still sit still sit still and wait
green-blue-purple-gray—thick molasses fog—run faster faster faster stillfornothing stays here for long

Midyesterday Walk A walk, you say. Only a walk. Necessary. Exercise get outsideonly a walk. We gather masks, water bottles, inhalers, barely worn sneakers, stay away stay awa…


[This was originally written as a creative writing assignment for my History of Technology class.]
Janus had only seconds to come up with a plan B. The water was growing higher around him, the icy waves threatening to suck all the air from his lungs. He could hear Noemi struggling against the current just behind him, but her ragged breaths grew shallower each second. Using his satchel as a makeshift flotation device, he snatched her wrist and began hauling the two of them back onto the boat. The gondola, however, had other ideas. Its oar slid off the low sides and began to drift away into the murky water. “Porco cane!” Janus cursed, just loud of enough for Noemi to give a sigh of dissatisfaction. Grasping the oar before it could slip away into the murky water, Janus managed to sling his satchel across his shoulder, tuck the oar under the arm that was clasping Noemi’s hand, and try to grab the side of the rapidly departing gondola. Janus, however, only managed to smack the side of the g…